United Way holds 'Triple Money Monday' fundraiser for needy in Livingston County

Dec 17, 2010

The Livingston County United Way is doing a 1-day only fundraiser to try to alleviate the growing need in the area.

It's called Triple Money Monday: On Dec. 20, from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., all donations made to nonprofit will be tripled, thanks to the Ted and Jane Von Voigtlander Foundation and two anonymous donors.

Nancy Ross is executive director of the Livingston County United Way. She says the last two Triple Money fundraisers combined have brought in more than half a million dollars in matching funds and donations. She says the money goes to pay for basic needs:

"When we say basic needs, we’re talking about food, we’re talking utility bills, we’re talking about rent, mortgage assistance, or car repairs, or things to get you to your job or medical appointment."

People can donate to the Triple Money Monday fundraiser online, by phone, in person, or via text

Livingston County, one of the fastest-growing counties in Michigan, has a 13% unemployment rate. Rosso says poverty in Livingston County has doubled over the last five years, with more than 32,000 residents living at or near poverty.