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University educators have concerns about new rules for student teachers

Mar 10, 2018

The House Education Reform committee is considering a package of bills that would change what student teachers need to know before they enter the classroom for the first time
Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

Some college administrators don't like some of the proposed new standards for Michigan student teachers.

New bills would require student teachers to be better prepared before they enter the classroom. 

But officials at some Michigan universities that train student teachers are concerned about aspects of the bills.  

Jon Margerum-Leys, the Dean of Oakland University’s School of Education and Human Services, told a state House committee he's concerned, for example, about how the new rules would affect instruction related to literacy training.

“It might stifle innovations that might actually allow us to do more with literacy not less,” Margerum-Leys told the House Education Reform committee on Thursday. “So I have a concern about inadvertent consequences of stifling innovation through regulation.”

Members of the committee say they believe Michigan schools are already doing much of what the legislation would simply standardize.

“You have told me and others have told me that you are already doing this. So there shouldn’t be a problem,” says State Representative Daniela Garcia (R-Holland). 

The House Education Reform committee chair says the legislation is still undergoing changes.