US-EU free trade talks could benefit Michigan | Michigan Radio

US-EU free trade talks could benefit Michigan

Jul 7, 2013

Trade talks between the United States and the European Union start Monday.

The talks could have major ramifications for Michigan’s economy.

Officials on both sides of the Atlantic are trying to hammer out a deal that could mean tens of billions of dollars in new trade.

Rich Studley is the president of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He says a free trade deal with the 28 European Union nations would be very important for Michigan.

“I have to be optimistic that in the end these trade agreements will be driven by a focus on jobs and economic growth,” says Studley.  

Studley expects Michigan manufacturers will be the primary beneficiaries of an EU free trade agreement. But he says Michigan agriculture and service sector industries should also benefit.

133 thousand jobs in Michigan are tied to international exports.