U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell wants bipartisan fixes for Obamacare | Michigan Radio

U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell wants bipartisan fixes for Obamacare

Aug 1, 2017

Michigan Representative Debbie Dingell, D–Dearborn, says she’s been working with a bipartisan group of House members to come up with ideas for healthcare reform.

“We need to work together to fix [healthcare],” Dingell said. “The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. I have been committed and have reaffirmed that this month. I’m working with my colleague Fred Upton and others to find where that common ground is.”

Representative Fred Upton, R–St. Joseph, is among the roughly 40 members of Congress that make up the Problem Solvers Caucus. That's a bipartisan group of lawmakers that recently released a five-point plan to stabilize the health insurance market. Dingell agrees that doing so should be a top priority. 

“First of all, we [need to] stabilize the individual marketplace. We make sure that the subsidies are going to be there,” Dingell said. “We do need to address the small business mandate…and we do have a small, but it’s an important segment…who are paying too much or their deductibles are too high.”

The congresswoman says she’s in line to officially join the Problem Solvers Caucus, but for now is working alongside them.

“We’ve got a moral obligation to work together to make sure every American’s got access to affordable, quality healthcare,” Dingell said.

The House of Representatives is in recess for the month of August. Dingell was in Ann Arbor, Michigan to talk with entrepreneurs who founded start-up companies in Ann Arbor and discuss the challenges facing their businesses.