U.S. reps respond to anti-Sharia law marches in Michigan | Michigan Radio

U.S. reps respond to anti-Sharia law marches in Michigan

Jun 8, 2017

U.S. Representatives Debbie Dingell and John Conyers joined other members of Congress today to speak out against anti-Sharia law marches planned across the country this weekend -- including two marches in Michigan.

The organizers, ACT for America, say they're standing with human rights and against Islamic law. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center considers ACT for America an extremist, anti-Islam hate group.

Dingell says these marches promote hate.

"We need to remember that we're strong when we're united. What I simply think they're trying to do this weekend is divide us with fear and hatred," she said.

Dingell represents Dearborn, where 40 percent of residents are Muslim.

Representative Conyers also believes these marches are Islamaphobic and cited recent hate crimes against Muslims as a reason to stand against ACT for America.

"I'm concerned about free speech," Conyers said. "But I'm more concerned about anti-Muslim speech that leads to violence." 

Organizers have said the marches are not anti-Muslim, but specifically against Sharia law.