US Steel sues over Michigan rule to reduce air pollution

Sep 1, 2016

The state of Michigan has hit a roadblock in its efforts to cut down on air pollution in Wayne County.

U.S. Steel is suing the state over a rule that requires the company to submit a plan for meeting sulfur dioxide standards at its Great Lakes Works plant in Ecorse.

Michigan has been trying get the Pittsburgh-based company and several others in the Detroit-area to scale back emissions since 2010, when a federal review found that levels were above standards.

Michael Shore with the Department of Environmental Quality says U.S. Steel is the only company that hasn't complied. 

"Instead, [U.S. Steel] is pursuing a legal strategy that puts them at a competitive advantage over other sources. Rather than pursue compliance in good faith, they've done everything possible to avoid making the needed changes to reduce their contribution to the region's SO2 impact," Shore said.

A spokesperson with U.S. Steel said the company had no comment on the matter.