Using "Pure Michigan" campaign to rebrand the state's business climate | Michigan Radio

Using "Pure Michigan" campaign to rebrand the state's business climate

Aug 21, 2011

The “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign targeted a new audience over the weekend….NASCAR fans.   The state tourism marketing campaign sponsored the nationally televised “Pure Michigan 400” race on Sunday at Michigan International Speedway.   It's part of the state’s 25 million dollar tourism promotion budget.  

Michael Finney is the President the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  He says the NASCAR sponsorship is part of an evolution of the marketing campaign.  

“Pure Michigan is becoming not just a tourism brand…but it’s also a business brand.   Frankly…that’s what we’re about.”  

Finney says as part of the Pure Michigan campaign several corporate executives attended Sunday’s race in Brooklyn.  The hope is they ll consider bringing their businesses to Michigan.  

Governor Rick Snyder says he plans to take the state’s “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign international this fall.  Snyder says he’ll take the “Pure Michigan” message with him on a trade Mission to China, Japan and South Korea this fall.  

“Towards the later part of September, October…we’re making a trip to Asia…to talk about business development…but also tourism.”