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Utah's Sundance Film Festival comes to Michigan

Dec 31, 2010

Michigan film buffs won’t have to fly to Utah to experience this month’s Sundance Film Festival. That’s because Sundance is bringing part of the festival to Ann Arbor.

This is the second year in a row that the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor has been tapped to premiere a Sundance Film during the actual festival in Utah.

Last year, the Michigan Theater premiered Cyrus, a movie by the Duplass brothers. This year, filmmaker Tom McCarthy will fly to Ann Arbor to premiere his movie Win Win on January 27.

Brooks Addicott is with the Sundance Institute. She says it is one thing to have the Michigan Theater show a Sundance film once the festival is over, but "to actually have filmmakers who...left Utah, left the mountain, and then flew into Michigan to participate in a Q & A…it just worked out really well."

Eight other cities will premiere Sundance films. The 2011 participating theatres and films include: