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VIDEO: Watch a huge fog bank roll off Lake Michigan

May 23, 2014

Spring is here and warmer air has finally come to the region, but we're still surrounded by five refrigerators – the five Great Lakes.

Lake Michigan broke a record this past winter for total ice coverage, so you know there won't be many people swimming in the lake over Memorial Day weekend.

The lakes will, however, have plenty of fisherman on them. And with the cold water and warm air, they might experience fog.

But have you ever seen a fog bank like this?

YouTube user Andrew Ballard posted the video which was shot on Lake Michigan near Frankfort, Michigan.

These images of the event were also posted:

Jeff Master at the Weather Underground says this type of fog is called "advection fog."

He shared this satellite image of the May 21, 2014 advection fog as it rolled across the lake: 

The advection fog hits the western shore of Michigan on May 21, 2014. The fog is caused by warm air moving across cold water.
Credit NOAA

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