Virginia Tech ending Flint water investigation | Michigan Radio

Virginia Tech ending Flint water investigation

Jan 12, 2016

Researchers from Virginia Tech announced yesterday they are ending their investigation into Flint’s lead tainted water.

Dr. Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech holds two vials of water: A clear bottle of Detroit water and a cloudy bottle of Flint tap water. (file photo)
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Virginia Tech sounded the alarm last summer when their tests turned up high lead levels in Flint drinking water.

Researcher Marc Edwards says Flint’s water crisis has reached a point where they can now step away. Edwards credits state and local officials with taking decisive actions that help to “ameliorate” the harm that was done to Flint’s children exposed to lead.  

But he says it’s time for his team to move on. 

“We’re kind of broke and exhausted,” says Edwards with a laugh. “We’re way behind on the normal things we’re supposed to do.”

Virginia Tech spent more than $180,000 investigating Flint’s drinking water.  

It’s conducting a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise nearly $150,000 to cover its expenses.