Voters around Kalamazoo will have a new name on their ballots

Oct 19, 2010

Since Robert Jones  passed away this past weekend, election officials have been working to come up with a plan of action. Jones was a candidate for the Michigan Senate and the election is just fourteen days away.

Michigan law doesn't allow a vote cast for a deceased person to count, unlike Missouri law (see the 2000 election of deceased candidate Mel Carnahan).

Ken Silfven, of the Secretary of State's office, says the guidance plans were issued today to local election officials.

A new name will appear on the ballot after Democratic Party leaders in Kalamazoo and VanBuren counties meet tonight (there's speculation that current Kalamazoo Mayor, Bobby Hopewell, will be named).

Voters who cast an absentee ballot for Robert Jones will have to write their local election official to request a replacement ballot.