Voters in Genesee and Oakland Counties fill vacant state house seats

Feb 28, 2012

Tuesday’s election did not change the balance of power in the state house. 

Two vacant state house seats were up for grabs.

Voters in Genesee County filled a vacant state house seat on Tuesday.   The seat was made vacant last fall by a union-backed campaign that succeeded in recalling Republican Paul Scott.

Last night, Republican Joe Graves defeated Democrat Steve Losey to serve out the final year of Scott’s unfinished term.     

Graves says his message of jobs lead to the victory.

“I don’t look at it as a victory over the unions…we held this seat and we still continue to represent this district…as Republicans," Graves said, though adding "“Obviously having the Republican Primary helped. "  

Democrats did retain their hold on a state house seat in Oakland County. 

Democrat Tim Greimel easily defeated Republican Bob Gray on Tuesday