Wayne County Sheriff's Office to offer $50 giftcards for illegal and unwanted guns | Michigan Radio

Wayne County Sheriff's Office to offer $50 giftcards for illegal and unwanted guns

Jul 10, 2018

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is working to decrease shootings in the city by route of decreasing guns in the city.

A gun buyback program is being offered in Detroit from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at Oak Grove AME Church in Detroit. For every unloaded gun brought, a $50 gift card will be exchanged. No questions will be asked about the gun, although there is a three weapon limit per person.

Detroit's First Cash for Caliber Event
Credit Wayne County Sheriffs Office

“Gun buyback programs are effective because they allow people to get rid of weapons in their homes they don’t want around,” said Sheriff Benny Napoleon. “Too many of our babies and loved ones are falling victim to gun violence. This allows us to work together to get guns off the street which will save lives.”

Napoleon is working with the Caliber Foundation for the second time. At the last gun buyback event in 2016, 450 guns were turned in and $22,500 in gift cards were exchanged.

The Caliber Foundation and Caliber Collection were both started by former lawyer Jessica Mindich, as a way to "support the victims, families, and communities affected by illegal gun violence in America.”

The Caliber Collection melts down the illegal and unwanted weapons, and turns the metal into jewelry, stamped with the serial number from the gun and city where it came from. To date the Caliber Collection has collected 2,500 guns from the streets, and raised $165,000 for Police Departments. Detroit joins Newark, Hartford, and the San Francisco Area in participating in this program.

The event will be held Saturday, July 14th at Oak Grove AME Church in Detroit, 19801 Cherrylawn Ave, Detroit, MI 48221.