Wayne State appoints Allan Gilmour as 11th President | Michigan Radio

Wayne State appoints Allan Gilmour as 11th President

Jan 18, 2011

The Wayne State University Board of Governors has named Allan Gilmour its 11th President. The Board unanimously approved Gilmour to fill a three-year term as University President.   Gilmour has been acting as the interim President since August. He took over after Jay Noren resigned for personal reasons.   The 76-year-old Gilmour initially said he wouldn’t consider staying on permanently, saying he was too old.   The Board had promised to conduct an outside search for a new President. But Board members said Gilmour proved himself an “inspirational leader” and a “good communicator.”   Gilmour says he’s “delighted” by the decision, and will continue to focus on bolstering student achievement. Wayne State struggles with low graduation rates and a wide achievement gap between black and white students.