Weather Channel buys Weather Underground | Michigan Radio

Weather Channel buys Weather Underground

Jul 3, 2012

The Weather Underground is now a part of the Weather Channel.

The Weather Underground began in 1995 as a tiny operation of four people from the University of Michigan. It has since grown to a staff of about 50.

President Alan Steremberg says being part of the Weather Channel will give his company more resources to develop new products like apps and videos.

He says both companies will benefit from pooling their scientific resources.

"So we're hoping as we collaborate and all the scientists get together to just sort of improve the base level of both companies' forecasting and we just know we can do a better job," he says.

Steremberg says the Weather Underground will keep its website and its own unique character.

He says the Weather Channel caters to "weather enthusiasts," while the Weather Underground caters more to "weather data junkies."

Many of those so-called junkies install small weather stations in their backyards and report the data to Weather Underground.