What would "Yes Means Yes" legislation mean for Michiganders in a romantic moment?

Sep 23, 2015

Credit Michigan Municipal League

If you want to have sex with someone, it can't be presumed your potential partner shares your desire just because you're dating.

It can't be presumed based on someone's drunken actions.

It can't be presumed because that someone didn't say no.

That's what a bill introduced by some Lansing Democrats would mean.

Senate Bill 512 has been dubbed the "Yes Means Yes" bill. This idea of affirmative consent is gaining traction in other states.

It comes at a time when a number of Michigan universities have been the focus of federal investigation for the way they've handled reports of sexual assault.

Democratic State Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr. is sponsor of the bill.

He joined us today to talk about how this legislation would change the way sexual encounters are legally viewed in Michigan.

Listen to the interview above.