When facing foreclosure, Detroiters do have options – if they know about them

May 15, 2017

For thousands of Wayne County homeowners, the tax foreclosure clock is ticking.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The clock is ticking on homeowners in Wayne County who received tax foreclosure notices. They have until June 7 to either pay their taxes or sign up for a payment plan.

Michele Oberholtzer with the United Community Housing Coalition joined Stateside to discuss the possible foreclosures.

Oberholtzer said there are 25,000 properties facing foreclosure in Wayne County, 17,000 of which are occupied. Thousands of people could be at risk of losing their homes.

United Community Housing Coalition is conducting door-to-door outreach and providing counseling for homes facing foreclosure. Detroit makes tax credits and waivers available, but many people don’t know about these options.

Hear more from Michele Oberholtzer of the United Community Housing Coalition in the interview above. 

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