When the post-election dust settles, can Washington find common ground?

Nov 6, 2014

Republican congressional leaders and President Barack Obama are talking about trying to find common ground moving forward.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Flint Congressman Dan Kildee says Tuesday’s election results showed voters are dissatisfied with the way things have been run in Washington.

But Democrat Kildee says Republicans should be careful how they read the results.

“It was very much a referendum on the popularity of the president and a frustration with the gridlock in Washington,” says Kildee,.“The mistake that they could make is to see it as an ideological mandate.”

Democrat Kildee says the onus is on Republicans now that they control both chambers of Congress.

“They are going to have to get serious about legislating,” says Kildee. “If they really want to have success, they going to have to work with us.”

Kildee says he hopes to spend more time working with Republicans than fighting them.