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"White Boy Rick" paroled after 29 years

Jul 14, 2017

After almost 30 years in prison, Rick Wershe, better known as White Boy Rick, has been paroled. Wershe claims he is is the nation's longest-serving non-violent juvenile drug offender. He was serving a life sentence because he was caught as a 16-year-old with eight kilos of cocaine in Detroit in the 1980s.

Kevin Dietz, a reporter with WDIV Local 4 who talked to Wershe after the decision was announced, joined Stateside to talk about the case and what's next for Wershe.

Listen to the full interview above to hear how much of an impact the recent documentary about Wershe may have played in the decision, and how he could end up having to serve additional time in a Florida prison after his release in August. 

*Correction - an earlier version of this story stated Wershe was Michigan's longest serving juvenile lifer. He is not. The story has been corrected above.

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