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Why do you stay in Michigan? #whyIstay

May 9, 2014

A recent Gallup poll found that 37% of people in Michigan would rather live somewhere else. But only 11% of those polled were "extremely likely or somewhat likely" to move in the next 12 months.

So that sparked a question: Why do people stay in Michigan?

Why do you stay?

Is it Lake Michigan? (Maybe.) Your family? Your job that you love? The Lions? (doubtful...) 

Whatever your reason, share it with others.

Take a picture that captures why you stay in Michigan, and share it on Instagram or Twitter. And remember your words are as important as your picture. Use the hashtag #whyistay in your caption, and let folks know what your photo represents and where it was taken.

Here's some inspiration for you. Michigan Radio's Mark Brush shared what keeps him in Michigan:

My kids love their cousins. And all the cousins have great adventures around the Great Lakes. That's #whyIstay

Michigan Radio isn't the only station asking for your input.

You can follow our partners at WBUR (Boston)WESA (Pittsburgh)St. Louis Public RadioWest Virginia Public RadioKUOW (Seattle)WNYC (New York)KQED (SanFrancisco), WLRN (Miami), and KTOO (Juneau) that are also asking their audience to share their photos and thoughts. 

If you don't know what Instagram or Twitter are and still want to contribute, that's great too.

Send your captioned photo to whyistay@michiganradio.org and we'll share it out for you.

You can follow what folks are posting around the country and in Michigan below:

- Lucy Perkins & Mark Brush, Michigan Radio Newsroom