Why is it so darn hard to bike between Windsor and Detroit?

Oct 5, 2016

As more and more people turn to bicycles for transportation, fun and fitness, one might think it would be great to be able to bike between Detroit and Windsor. 

Once upon a time, that was possible. But no more.

It's not easy for Windsor cyclists to participate in Detroit's Monday night Slow Rolls, as many want to.
Credit Flickr user Liz Patek/Flickr

Cyclists on social media write of being able to ride, even walk across the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor and back.

But after Matty Maroun bought the Ambassador Bridge, the bike and pedestrian walkway was replaced by wider lanes to better handle 18-wheelers. 

Lori Newton and Dave Sands, both veterans of the cycling scene in Windsor and Detroit, joined us today to discuss what's left for cyclists and what it might take to improve prospects for cross-border biking between the cities.