Will Duggan launch a write-in campaign? We'll know on Friday

Jun 27, 2013

Will Mike Duggan launch a write-in campaign for Detroit mayor?

Some of his supporters want him to do just that.

Two courts decided that Duggan couldn’t run for mayor because of a technical residency requirement in the city charter.

Duggan decided not to appeal the issue to the Michigan Supreme Court. And when he announced that last week, Duggan said he wasn’t interested in running a write-in campaign, either.

But some of his supporters, like Peggy Noble, didn’t want to let Duggan’s mayoral campaign die.

“So I got to thinking about it, talking to some of the other volunteers and supporters, and I said ‘Let’s try to encourage Mike to change his mind,’” Noble says.

Noble insists this campaign comes from within Duggan’s grassroots supporters, not the campaign itself.

And it appears the effort might work. Duggan has said he’ll make an announcement about a write-in campaign Friday morning.