World Water Day observance and bottled water giveaway scheduled in Flint | Michigan Radio

World Water Day observance and bottled water giveaway scheduled in Flint

Mar 11, 2019

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Credit steve carmody / Michigan Radio

A Michigan city that has struggled to improve the quality of its tap water will mark World Water Day this month with a major bottled water giveaway.

Since 1993, the United Nations has observed March 22nd as World Water Day, a day to recognize the importance of the sustainable management of freshwater resources. 

Flint will soon mark the fifth anniversary of the city’s drinking water switch which resulted in contaminating its tap water with lead. Improperly treated water from the Flint River damaged pipes, releasing lead particles into the city’s drinking water.  

Flint’s water quality has improved in the years since the height of the water crisis, but many residents still don’t trust what’s coming out of their taps.

Jameca Patrick-Singleton is the city’s Chief Recovery Officer. She says the city is partnering with various groups to distribute bottled water across the city on World Water Day.

“Right now we have twelve semis of water that will be distributed throughout all of the locations. So that’s a lot of water,” says Patrick-Singleton. 

Youth for Global Health is among the groups assisting the city with the observance of World Water Day.   Sheryl Simmons is the group’s director.  

She says Flint remains a potent symbol of the need for clean water.

“Fixed, unfixed, there are lessons to be learned.  There are lessons to share,” says Simmons.