Year in Review: Our best education stories from 2017 | Michigan Radio

Year in Review: Our best education stories from 2017

Dec 28, 2017

Problems within Michigan’s education system aren’t new. And many factors, including changes in funding and the expansion of charter schools, continue to influence the success of the state's schools.

In 2017, Michigan Radio continued to report on how those changes affect Michigan’s students:

Better together: How school diversity makes a difference

In this special, we learn how Michigan got to a point where its schools are highly segregated. And, we explore the benefits that come with less segregated, more diverse schools.

We Live Here: The broken promise of school choice in Detroit

A look at how Detroit ended up with so many closed schools and emptied-out neighborhoods

A look at teacher pay in Michigan

Reporter Jennifer Guerra takes a deep dive into how we pay teachers in Michigan, and what it means for teacher retention and teacher performance in the state.

UN/DIVIDED: The growing pains of annexation in Albion and Marshall

In 2016, Albion residents voted to annex their struggling public schools to Marshall. Reporter April Van Buren looked at the impact the annexation has had on students, families, and the community.