You voting? Navigating tomorrow's elections in Michigan

Aug 5, 2013

On Tuesday, polls across Michigan will open for statewide local elections.

Voters in 56 of Michigan’s 83 counties will cast ballots.
Given the city’s recent bankruptcy declaration, all eyes will likely be on Detroit’s mayoral race results.

But as Michigan Radio’s Steve Carmody reported, counties across the states will face the usual suspects in the poll booths: school and library millages, ward elections, and filling city council seats.
How can you find out if there’s an election in your county? What’s on the ballot? And are you positive you're registered to vote?

Luckily, Michigan’s Secretary of State website makes finding all these answers relatively easy.
Follow this link to go to the web page designed to help voters navigate the polls.

Plop in your name, birth date, and the zip code of the city you’re registered to vote in. Right away, the search will let you know if you’re still registered, and prompt you to check out a sample ballot of what’s happening -- if anything -- in your county.
And as always, stay tuned to Michigan Radio’s coverage of key election results.

- Melanie Kruvelis, Michigan Radio Newsroom