Zeeland looks at options to restructure police department | Michigan Radio

Zeeland looks at options to restructure police department

Jun 25, 2017

The small town of Zeeland could be the latest in Michigan to restructure its police department.

The city has a new fact-finding committee to look at options for the department. The current police chief is set to retire in about a month.

Mayor Kevin Klynstra says the city may be able to save money by making changes to the department.

"We’ve got the money," he says. "That’s not it. But will we have the money one, or two, or three years down the road? We don’t know, but we’re just trying to be wise with the taxpayer’s money."

Klynstra says three options are on the table for the department:

  1. Disband the department and contract with the county sheriff for policing. 
  2. Keep the police officers, but create a new public safety director to oversee both police and fire.
  3. Keep things as they are. 

Klynstra is one of three people on the fact-finding committee. He says he hopes to have a recommendation by August.