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Bacon: “Mediocrity will perpetuate mediocrity,” so how do the Red Wings break free?

Detroit Red Wings vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
Carrie Lu
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We’ve had some listeners reach out on twitter to put in a request: talk some hockey!

We aim to please, and the timing is perfect — it’s the mid-season mark.


John U. Bacon, Michigan Radio sports commentator, joined Stateside to give us an update on all things hockey, with a side of basketball and football.


Listen above for the full conversation, or catch highlights below.


On the Red Wings' record


They are 17-17-7. They are perfectly mediocre as we had about predicted. It is almost exactly where you don't want to be, because they're not competing for any kind of Stanley Cup chance, any of that stuff, but they also [had] five or six great guys come out of the draft this year, and you're not anywhere near that either. Mediocrity will perpetuate mediocrity.”


On the Red Wings escaping “mediocrity”


Sounds crazy, but you've got to go one way or the other. You've either got to double down and try to get something out of the season, or you've got to say it's time for a fire sale and let's rebuild.”


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