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2022 Year in Review: The best of Stateside


The Stateside team hosted conversations every day with interesting Michiganders about important issues. Here's a look at their best podcasts of the year.

Laura Weber-Davis

Stateside Podcast: David Zinn’s chalk world

David Zinn is one of Ann Arbor's best artists. His canvas? The sidewalk.

Stateside Podcast: Collision Course

Collision Course is a special podcast series about the breaking of Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law and how it’s upending the lives of thousands of people, including hockey legend Vladimir Konstantinov.

Collision Course was made by Stateside and Michigan Radio reporter Tracy Samilton.

Stateside Podcast: Michigan GOP turmoil over fraudulent signatures

A political bomb dropped last night in Michigan as the Bureau of Elections recommended half of the Republican candidates for governor not make the primary ballot. 

Kinuko DeVee and Neita
Rachel Ishikawa
Michigan Radio
Kinuko Yada DeVee (left) standing with her daughter Neita (right).

Stateside Podcast: The story of Kinuko Yada DeVee

Meet Kinuko Yada DeVee. She came to Michigan from Kyoto as a World War II "war bride" during a peak in anti-Asian discrimination in the United States. Seventy years later, she's built a life for herself full of love and family.

Stateside Podcast: Michigan's vernal pools

Every year, some of Michigan's most important wetland ecosystems form within vernal pools. On today's episode, an MSU conservation scientist and MLive reporter join to talk about what lies within these unique forest puddles.

Untitled design (1).jpg
Trail cam owner (anonymous)
A white-coated black bear is seen looking into a trail cam in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Stateside Podcast: A rare white bear

Earlier this week, a rare sight was caught on a privately-owned trail cam in Michigan's Upper Peninsula: a black bear with white fur. Have you ever heard of such a thing? We talked with two guests to learn more.

Stateside Podcast: When your family lives in Ukraine

Irina Bondarenko, a Ukrainian American in Ann Arbor, talked to us about staying in contact with loved ones stuck in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

April Campbell, founder of "BIPOC Birders of Michigan", admires nature as she holds her binoculars.

Stateside Podcast: Building a safe space for BIPOC birders

Birding is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it's not always an accessible or inclusive hobby. On today's pod, we talk about the effort to change that.

Stateside Podcast: Michigan health officer says “enough”

During the pandemic, local public health officials have had the hard job of writing the road rules for their communities. Add to that harassment from the public and lack of support from health boards. Today, we hear from a NW Michigan health director who recently decided enough is enough.

April Van Buren, Mercedes Mejia, Ronia Cabansag, Jodi Westrick
Michigan Radio
From left: Olivia McMillan, Abbey Allion, Aubrey Greenfield, Zoe Touray, Reina St. Juliana, Steve St. Juliana, Lauren Rambo, Melissa Gibbons.

Oxford: One Year Later

One thing rings true across the board for Oxford. The story of a school shooting doesn’t end with a news cycle. It doesn't end when the cameras stop showing up to campus or when weapon detecting devices are installed at a school. It’s an ongoing story, and one that only the people who’ve gone through it can truly understand.

Morgan Womack joined Michigan Radio as a digital news intern in June. She is a journalism student at Michigan State University.