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What does it mean to be a sustaining member of Michigan Radio?

A Sustaining Membership is an unrestricted monthly gift that you can pay in a convenient, ongoing way. Each month, we will charge your credit card or withdrawal from your bank account the amount you specify.

Your Sustaining Membership will automatically continue year after year unless you choose to cancel or change it.

You remain in control of your donation and can increase, decrease, pause, or stop your donation at any time by calling us at 888-258-9866.

Sustainers are crucial to providing an ongoing base of community support that we can rely on, so you can continue to rely on Michigan Radio

Sustainers have access to:

  • Special emails with early notice about upcoming Michigan Radio events and special member-only offers.
  • Automatic entry into all membership drive sweepstakes
  • The satisfaction of knowing your contribution is going further – less paper, stamps and administrative costs means more of your contribution goes into the news and conversations you value

But what does it mean for Michigan Radio?

We're all staffers at the station, but we support as sustainers. Here's why we made that choice.

Alison Warren, Associate Director of Development

We’re sustaining members because we already pay that way for streaming and news subscriptions and it makes sense that we’d do the same for our giving.

The predictability of our Michigan Radio gift works out well for our family, but it also works out well for Michigan Radio-it can help with expected and unexpected expenses.

We choose how to give - I give through my bank account because I have enough to juggle and it's easiest for our family.

We choose the amount we give. Unlike our other subscriptions, Michigan Radio doesn’t put the news behind a paywall. It’s available to everyone. And because it’s available to everyone, it’s important to us to keep it that way. We give what our family considers to be a generous amount and one that works within our budget.

Jodi Westrick, Director of Digital Audiences

Why am I a sustaining member of the station I work for? Because I know how hard my colleagues work to bring you the news and information — both locally and nationally — that so many people across our state rely on. I also listen to Michigan Radio daily — more than I use other streaming services I subscribe to monthly and pay for without a second thought. So, even though the station’s great coverage isn’t put behind a paywall, I know my contributions are supporting a team of people I’ve come to rely on daily.

Plus, I know that sustainer support helps our station grow. I see this in my own department, and just how much my team has been able to do with continued and growing listener support. And it’s not just my team. If you like the new Stateside podcast or our award-winning series, Believed, you can thank listeners like you for allowing those opportunities to happen at our station.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of our future growth?

Emma Winowiecki, Digital Producer

I wanted to work in public radio because I believe in the mission of free, accessible, independent journalism for all - that's also why I wanted to support Michigan Radio.

Working within public radio has only strengthen my belief in that mission. And in this turbulent day in age, I want to make sure that mission continues for generations to come.

Not only does Michigan Radio provide an important service for listeners, it also is helping train the next generation of journalists. I started as an intern at the station five years ago, and in that time I've seen many other young reporters work and learn here before moving on to some of the country's journalism institutions.

As a sustaining member, I know that I'm not only investing in the journalism I rely on today, but also the stories that need to be told in the future.

Make your sustaining gift today!

Alison joined Michigan Radio's development team in 2014. She oversees multiple facets of Michigan Radio’s Membership program where she combines her passion for philanthropy and Michigan Radio.
Jodi is Michigan Radio’s Director of Digital Audiences, leading and developing the station’s overall digital strategy.
Emma is a communications specialist with the digital team at Michigan Radio. She works across all departments at Michigan Radio, with a hand in everything from digital marketing and fundraising to graphic design and website maintenance. She also produces the station's daily newsletter, The Michigan Radio Beat.