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Points North

  • Additional license plate reading cameras in Detroit, a five-year pilot program that aims to plant 75,000 trees throughout Detroit, freshwater jellyfish, the new Census category for Middle Eastern and North African communities, and a tech start-up that monitors air quality.
  • Sexual assault survivors file lawsuits against Servants of the Word, a rock-hunting rehab center, and how Alisa Alousi's Iraqi heritage shaped new poem book.
  • The cherry industry is changing in northern Michigan. We'll hear how local growers who are trying to adapt in order to survive.
  • Detroit is looking to reverse trends of infant mortality. How one hospital is looking to address food insecurity for its Oakland and Washtenaw communities. Then, Points North tells a story of the danger of lake ice in winter.
  • New anti-lobbyist legislation in the state Senate. Learn all about the little pools of water at the base of trees. How the bussing system in Detroit schools has led to absent students. A new Asian influenced district in Novi. Then, a segment with the Points North Crew about an underwater crucifix in the Great Lakes. Finally, the best advice about preheating your oven?
  • New leadership for Wayne County Health and Human Services in a familiar face. Also: environmental writer Dan Egan, and new takes on Irish cuisine.
  • Abortion and the economy are at the top of voters' minds, but how might environmental policies shape votes? Plus, a look at what we can learn from the nation’s most powerful laser. And, a dramatic rescue attempt in the frigid waters of Lake Superior.
  • We discussed the news that pharmacists will now be able to prescribe birth control. Then we heard from our friends at Points North about the Camp Grayling training facility . After that we turned to some poetry about butterflies. We ended with a conversation about the Washtenaw County Courthouse Art exhibit.
  • Today on Stateside, a new report highlights how candidates preferred by Black voters are unlikely to win primary elections due to redistricting. Then, Plowshares Theatre producing artistic director talks about future of live theatre after the pandemic. Also, the shutdown of the Abbott baby formula factory that kicked off a nationwide shortage stemmed from an incident with a stun gun. Finally, two treaties made by the US could lead to drastically different outcomes for Line 5.
  • The Constitution refers to treaties with other sovereign nations as “the supreme law of the land.” But what happens when promises have been made that are potentially in conflict? Two treaties with the U.S. could lead to very different outcomes for Line 5.