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John Schultz

The political makeup of the Michigan Supreme Court could change significantly on Election Day. Two seats are open and two current justices, both nomiated by the Republican Party, are running. Republican-backed justices currently hold a 5 to 2 majority over Democratic nominees.

Fred Upton (left) and Matt Longjohn (right)
Flickr - Energy Commerce / Matt Longjohn, MD for Congress

Michigan's 6th Congressional District encompasses multiple counties in the southwest region of the state. 

This November, the district's incumbent Fred Upton (R) is running for a 17th term in Congress against Democratic challenger Matt Longjohn

The candidates spoke with Stateside about why they're running and what they would do as part of a new Congress come 2019. 

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Jodi Westrick / Michigan Radio

On Election Day, Michigan voters will choose state Supreme Court justices. Two of the court's seven seats are open in this election. 

As part of Michigan Radio’s election coverage, Morning Edition is featuring interviews with candidates for the court from October 30 to November 2 beginning with Sam Bagenstos.

U.S. Semator Debbie Stabenow
Senate Democrats

Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow was elected to the United States Senate in 2000. She now serves as the senior senator for Michigan. This November, she is running for reelection against Republican John James.  

Stabenow joined Stateside to talk about her reelection campaign and the current political climate in the United States, particularly in light of a recent shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Haley Stevens for Congress

As we move toward the midterm elections on November 6, Stateside has been having conversations with congressional candidates around the state. Today, we spoke with the 11th District's Democratic candidate Haley Stevens.

We reached out to Stevens' opponent, Republican Lena Epstein, for an interview. Her campaign staff has not responded. 


As we move towards the midterm elections on November 6, Stateside has been having conversations with statewide candidates. Today, we speak to two of the candidates runnning in Michigan's 7th Congressional District, Republican incumbent Tim Walberg, and his Democratic opponent Gretchen Driskell

The second and final debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor aired Wednesday night.

Former state Senate Minority leader, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and state Attorney General, Republican Bill Schuette used the opportunity to reiterate their agendas for Michigan. They attacked each other’s records in their respective offices on issues like the environment and auto no fault insurance.

At times during the debate, the candidates also needled each other. Like when Whitmer accused Schuette of pivoting to the same talking points.

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The two major party candidates for Michigan attorney general are debating over why they have not had any debates. 

There have been debates proposed between Democrat Dana Nessel and Republican Tom Leonard. But they have fallen through because of who else was invited to share the stage.

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Prominent Detroit ministers and local NAACP leaders admit they are in a David vs. Goliath fight to defeat a marijuana legalization ballot question November 6th.

But it’s a fight they say they can win.

Michigan would become the tenth state in the nation, and first in the Midwest, to legalize marijuana for recreational use if voters approve Proposal 1 next month.

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Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Some financial disclosures on the governor’s race are due later this week, but Michigan is already on pace to have one of its most expensive governor’s races in the state’s history.

So far, the Michigan Campaign Finance Network has tracked $61 million going toward the race including the primary.

Craig Mauger is with the network. He says a lot of money from dark money groups and other political organizations has poured in to try and influence the election.

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Benson for Secretary of State / Mary Treder Lang for Secretary of State

In the state of Michigan, the Secretary of State oversees public notaries, vehicle registration and automotive licensing, and, perhaps most importantly, serves as the state’s chief elections officer. 

This November, Michiganders will vote to replace incumbent Ruth Johnson (R), who cannot run again due to term limits. Election security and how to best preserve the integrity of Michigan votes are key issues in this race. 

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

A liberal group plans to appeal a judge’s decision dismissing its lawsuit claiming the Republican candidate for Michigan governor used his office for political gain.

The group, Progress Michigan, claimed in its lawsuit filed in May that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette violated the state Constitution by using his office for political patronage and his state employees for campaign purposes.

Natalie Brennan


As we approach Election Day on November 6, Michigan Radio is interviewing candidates running for attorney general in the upcoming midterm elections. 

Today we’re talking with the Libertarian candidate, Lisa Lane Gioia.

When asked if Gioia would be joining the lawsuits against the federal administration when they do something that goes against her party's principle, Gioia explained the Libertarian principles: 

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Tom Leonard for Michigan

As part of Michigan Radio’s ongoing election coverage, Morning Edition and Stateside are featuring interviews with candidates hoping to be the next attorney general.

Republican candidate Tom Leonard is currently the speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives. He has also served in the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office and as the state’s assistant attorney general.

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Jodi Westrick / Michigan Radio

As part of Michigan Radio’s ongoing election coverage, on Thursday and Friday, Morning Edition and Stateside are featuring interviews with candidates running for state attorney general. 

Cathy Albro
Cathy Albro Democrat for U.S. Congress


As we approach Election Day on November 6, Stateside is interviewing congressional candidates around the state about why they're running and their top priorities if elected.


Cathy Albro is the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, which covers most of Kent County, as well as Barry and Ionia Counties. Albro is running against Republican incumbent Justin Amash, who declined an interview with Michigan Radio.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell
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As we approach Election Day on November 6, Stateside is interviewing congressional candidates around the state about the issues most important to them.

Debbie Dingell is the incumbent Democrat in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. She has represented the district since 2015.

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones for Congress

As we approach Election Day on November 6, Stateside is interviewing congressional candidates around the state about the issues most important to them.

Jeff Jones is the Republican candidate challenging incumbent Democrat Debbie Dingell for Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. He lost to Dingell in 2016 by a 2-to-1 margin after receiving around 96,000 votes. 

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Michigan’s hard hitting race for Attorney General is moving into its final month.

TV ads have been running for weeks taking shots at both Democrat Dana Nessel and Republican Tom Leonard.

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Green Party candidates in Michigan got a boost this week from their 2016 presidential nominee.

Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has been attending campaign events to promote her party’s candidates running for offices ranging from county commissioner to governor.

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

In the middle of a tight re-election campaign, Michigan Congressman Mike Bishop took time Thursday to escort a top Trump administration official around a Lansing development project.

A recent poll showed Republican Mike Bishop holding a slim lead over Democratic challenger Elissa Slotkin.  Slotkin has raised more money than Bishop in the traditionally Republican district.

Debbie Stabenow being interviewed by Cynthia Canty
Matt Williams

Today on Stateside, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) on how a trade war with China is hurting Michigan businesses. Plus, Holocaust survivor Irene Butter explains why, after decades of silence, she started talking about her family’s experience during WW2.

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Today on Stateside, an explosive lawsuit against Michigan State University alleges that Larry Nassar raped an MSU athlete in 1992, and university officials covered it up. Plus, the best plays and musicals from Michigan’s local theater scene this month.

Candius Stearns / https://www.candiusforcongress.com/bio

For 35 years, Congressman Sander Levin has represented people from parts of Oakland and Macomb counties. 

Andy Levin
Andy Levin campaign

For 35 years, Congressman Sander Levin has represented people from parts of Oakland and Macomb counties. 

The Democratic congressman from Michigan's 9th District is retiring at the end of the year, and his son, Andy, is running for that seatAndy Levin joined Stateside to tell us about why he joined the race.