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The UAW has been striking since September 16.
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

After one month of striking, the United Auto Workers have reached a deal with General Motors.

The proposed deal, which was announced Thursday, would increase wages, keep the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant Plant open, and lead to 9,000 new or retained jobs - a jump from GM's original proposal of 5,400 jobs.

UAW workers striking in Flint.
Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

The United Auto Workers and General Motors have reached a tentative contract agreement that could end a month-long strike that brought the automaker's U.S. factories to a standstill.

four men holding picket signs
Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

The UAW and GM have a tentative contract.

The proposed four-year contract could end the longest national strike against the carmaker since 1970. But union leaders still have to sell the deal to a rank and file that's been on the picket line for a month.

four men holding picket signs
Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

As the UAW's strike against GM enters its fifth week, the two sides may finally be close to reaching a proposed deal on a new contract.

The talks have been unusually difficult, with negotiators struggling to resolve disputes over job security, temporary workers, health insurance, and wage increases. 

uaw strike signs laying on the ground
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The United Auto Workers strike against General Motors is in its third week, and it's costing a lot of people a lot of money.

"At this point, it's already quite painful in the United States, particularly in metro Detroit, says Patrick Anderson, CEO of the Anderson Economic Group.  "And our estimated wage losses are already above $400 million right out of people's paychecks that work in the automotive industry."

That $400 million estimate includes both striking GM workers and workers in the supplier industry who've been laid off because of the strike.

uaw strike signs laying on the ground
Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio

The United Auto Workers has rejected General Motors' latest proposal for a new four-year contract.

The union says the offer fell short on many issues, including job security.


There are a few signs that negotiators are getting closer to a deal on a new four-year contract between General Motors and the United Auto Workers, as the union's strike against the company entered its 11th day.

GM announced on Thursday it would reinstate health insurance benefits for striking workers, after suddenly canceling the benefits the week before. The automaker says the benefits will be paid for at its own expense, not the union's.

The Detroit News also reports that GM asked its delivery truck contractors if they would be ready to start up again if the strike ends, or if they will need time to get drivers and trucks ready.

Richard Truesdell

A newcomer to the auto industry world will produce 100,000 electric delivery vans for Amazon.

Rivian, which has its design and engineering center in Plymouth, Michigan, got its start in 2009.

Amazon says the vans will help it meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2040.

Large investors in Rivian include Amazon, along with Ford Motor Company, and Cox Automotive.

Rivian is also developing an electric sports pickup, and an electric large SUV.

Tracy Samilton / Michigan Radio

The city of Detroit has installed four public fast-charging stations for electric vehicles near DTE Energy's headquarters downtown.

The project is a collaboration among DTE Energy; General Motors; Planet M, which is the state of Michigan's mobility initiative; and Blue Energy, the supplier of the stations.

UAW workers went on strike in Flint Monday.
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The United Auto Workers say General Motors canceled health insurance for more than 49,000 striking workers Monday night, without any notice.

The move means employees will need to sign up for COBRA insurance. COBRA is the federal insurance program for people who are out of work.

The union will have to dig into its strike fund more deeply than it apparently planned because of the decision.

Tracy Samilton / Michigan Radio

On day two of the United Auto Worker's national strike against General Motors, I caught up with UAW member Jessie Kelly, right after her four-hour shift on the picket line at GM's Warren Tech Center. 

Kelly, a 29-year-old single mom of one, is in a skilled trades apprentice program at GM. It's a long way from her early days with the automaker, when she was a temp. 

It’s the second day of the United Auto Workers union strike against General Motors. Around 50,000 workers walked off the assembly line at plants around the country. That’s compared to a 1970 UAW strike against GM, where 400,000 workers walked out for 67 days, forcing layoffs at parts factories and steel plants. What does shift this tell us about the changing role of the American labor movement in the nation's economy?

Samantha Forsyth and Grace Trudell
Sam Corey / Michigan Radio

Today on Stateside, what does the ongoing United Auto Workers strike against General Motors tell us about the role of American labor in the nation's economy today? Plus, two women at opposite ends of the same career path talk about what it takes to succeed in the male-dominated electrical trade.

striking UAW workers
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

UAW workers went on strike in Flint Monday.
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The United Auto Workers union authorized a strike against General Motors Sunday - the first since 2007.

Negotiations between UAW and GM fell through over the weekend, and the union’s contract with the company expired midnight Saturday. Now, 46,000 union members are on strike while negotiations continue.

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

More than 49,000 General Motors plant workers are walked off the job starting just before midnight on Sunday. That's after the union failed to reach a deal on a new four-year contract with GM.

On Sunday morning, in a preview of a much bigger planned strike, a maintenance workers union in Flint also represented by the UAW went on the picket line.

“Solidarity forever!” the workers shouted.

This scene is expected to be replicated at all of GM's manufacturing plants around the country.

Detroit skyline with GM building

Update: Sunday, September 15, 11:59 a.m.

The United Auto Workers union says its contract negotiations with General Motors have broken down and its roughly 49,000 members will go on strike just before midnight on Sunday. The union's contract with GM expired Saturday night and union officials said the two sides were far apart on economic issues.

GM issued the following statement on Sunday morning:

“We presented a strong offer that improves wages, benefits and grows U.S. jobs in substantive ways and it is disappointing that the UAW leadership has chosen to strike at midnight tonight. We have negotiated in good faith and with a sense of urgency. Our goal remains to build a strong future for our employees and our business.” 


New research shows advanced safety features in cars can dramatically lower the incidence of certain crashes, especially when the features are combined.  

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute compared crashes between GM vehicles with advanced safety features and those without the features. 

In many cases, the difference in crash rates was very large. 

General Motors

It's "go time" for negotiations on the next four-year contract between Detroit automakers and the United Auto Workers union.

The current contract expires September 14th, and, as is usually the case, the union has picked one of the three automakers to set the pattern for the other two.

It's GM's turn this time around. Michelle Krebs, an analyst with Autotrader, says she is not surprised, given GM's controversial closure of four U.S. plants.

The union's primary concern is trying to maintain, if not increase, jobs in the U.S., and keep plants open.

road closed construction sign
Anna Schlutt / Michigan Radio

Many Michiganders like to say there are two seasons in Michigan: winter, and construction. We’re in the midst of that second season now, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Steve Jurvetson / Flickr

A new survey from Cox Automotive finds that many people remain concerned that electric vehicles cost more than gasoline powered vehicles.

And they think battery range - the distance an EV can go before it has to recharge - is also a reason not to buy an EV.

Demolished Buick City in Flint, Michigan
blueskiesfalling / wikimedia commons

Mahindra Automotive has signed a letter of intent to evaluate the former Buick City site in Flint. The Indian automaker hopes to acquire the site to build a new facility.

Detroit Skyline
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Mayor Mike Duggan held an event today at Messiah Baptist Church to update Detroiters on the hiring process for Fiat-Chrysler jobs.

Fiat Chrysler is expanding its Jefferson North plant, and reviving the defunct Mack Avenue Assembly facility. That's expected to create nearly 5,000 new jobs.

Tracy Samilton / Michigan Radio

General Motors will close its Warren Transmission plant on Friday.

The plant made transmissions for two vehicles that GM is discontinuing: the Cadillac XTS, and Chevy Malibu.

Plant worker Danielle Murry says GM could have allocated other products to keep the plant open, but chose not to.

She says union workers made painful concessions during the last recession to help GM. 

Ped Saunders / Creative Commons

Attorneys who handle accident claims say Michigan's new no fault law has implications for pedestrians and motorcyclists - and could be especially bad for motorcycle riders.

Brandon Hewitt is COO of Michigan Auto Law.

He says motorcyclists injured in a crash with a car can't make a claim on their own car insurance if they are injured.

They can claim only what the car driver's insurance pays out. 

Ford Motor Company

In a surprise move, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen, Honda, and BMW announced they have struck a deal with California on voluntary fuel economy standards for 2022-26.

That's after the Trump administration said it would move forward with a plan to roll back Obama era standards, freezing them after 2020, despite pleas from the automotive industry and other groups not to do that.

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Motorcycle riders are greatly overrepresented in U.S. traffic deaths, with more than 5,000 killed each year.

The Governors Highway Safety Association says frequently, when cars and motorcycles are involved in a crash, the drivers of the car said they didn't even see the motorcycle.

The safety group says wearing high-visibility clothing could help to prevent some of those kinds of crashes – but its new study finds many reasons why motorcycle riders don't.

car windshield with large crack
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A new study by AAA finds that vehicle escape tools do not work on laminated glass. And fully a third of 2018 vehicle models had laminated glass not just on the front windshield, but all of the side windows.

Vehicle escape tools are intended to help someone break a window if they are trapped in a car, for example, if it catches on fire and the doors won't open, or if the car becomes submerged in water.

AAA tested six different vehicle escape tools. Four were able to break regular tempered glass – the kind that is very common on the side windows of older cars.

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It's Star Wars Night at the Lansing Lugnuts stadium, so there's a big crowd. 

Kids and moms and dads and Lugnuts fans of all sorts line up, get their tickets scanned, snap a photo with a favorite Star Wars character, and then fill the stands to watch the game.

Standing at one of the entrances is a slender, smiling man wearing a straw cowboy hat, scanning tickets.  That's David St. Amant, age 32. 

You can tell there's something different about him from the way his head is bent slightly to one side, and his slow, deliberate speech.