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ballot initiative

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Pro-voting rights groups are suing to try to strike down a 2018 law they argue makes it harder to gather signatures for a citizen petition drive.

Lonnie Scott is head of Progress Michigan. The group supports an initiative to limit the political influence of lobbyists, and another initiative to change Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act to include the Legislature and governor.

Another group that's suing wants to require public disclosure of donations to political campaigns. The  Michigan League of Women Voters has also joined the lawsuit as a plaintiff.

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The Michigan Supreme Court has sent a lawsuit over a 2018 ballot initiative law back to the Court of Appeals, saying the lawsuit should be dismissed.

That means the Republican-supported 2018 law to make it more difficult for citizens to mount petition drives in Michigan is probably not enforceable.

The law would have capped signatures on petitions from any one congressional district to 15%.

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The state cannot restrict the number of signatures a ballot initiative can get from a single Congressional district.

That is part of the ruling out of the Court of Claims Friday. Several groups – including the League of Women Voters and the Republican-led state House and Senate – sued the Secretary of State, though hoping for different outcomes. This is over a law signed last year that adds restrictions to how people can get signatures for ballot initiatives.