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With plaintive, lovely songs, Katie Else brings us the shared history between Ireland and Michigan's Beaver Island.

Cynthia Hector-Johnson

All is well on Beaver Island.

Police say Thursday night thieves - or pranksters - returned a statue that had been stolen from outside the Beaver Island Public Library.

Not only was the statue returned under cover of darkness, it was also bolted it back into the ground.

Patrick McGinnity is the director of the Beaver Island District Library.

He says the statue is undamaged, and he thinks police will drop the case.

Hemingway sculpture missing from Beaver Island

Jun 27, 2018
Cynthia Hector-Johnson

A sculpture commemorating Ernest Hemingway is missing from outside the Beaver Island Public Library.

Library officials say they noticed the statue was missing last week, but didn’t immediately report it as stolen.

Patrick Mcginnity, director of the Beaver Island District Library, said the nine foot structure is bright orange and hard to miss.

Sarah Hulett / Michigan Radio

As part of our MI Curious project, Philip Zoutendam asked this question:

What's the story of the Mormon kingdom that was on Beaver Island in the 1800s, and how does it affect the island today?

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"Baroque on Beaver" is a classic music festival held on Beaver Island running from July 25 to August 3.

Anne Glendon heads the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association.

She said there will be about 50 musicians at the festival. Most of them have lived in Michigan or have strong ties to the island.  The concerts are held in different venues on the island. There is a variety of music playing as well, such as chamber music, jazz, and baroque, of course.

“It’s quirky, just like the island and we wouldn’t have it any other way, and also it’s, we think, pretty top rate music,” Glendon said.

Check out the performance list here.

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