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2020 Census
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When you think about the census, you might picture people knocking on doors and canvassing neighborhoods. But the 2020 census will look a little different. The U.S. Census Bureau is trying to move the count online where people would fill out a digital form with their information.

a portrait of Governor Stevens T Mason
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Today on Stateside, one University of Michigan professor says we are in the midst of a "Re-Englightenment" when it comes to cultural attitudes about climate change. Plus, we talk to Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin about her work on a package of bills aimed at protecting U.S. elections from foriegn interference.

List of blocked robocall numbers
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If it seems like the only phone calls you get are robocalls and scams, you're not alone. 

According to Robocall Index, 4.4 billion of these calls were made in the United States in June. That's 6 million calls every hour, 1,700 per second. 


Today on Stateside, pollster Richard Czuba on how news consumers should be looking at media coverage of polls in 2018. Plus, Stateside kicks off a week-long series about the challenges Michigan veterans face connecting with VA benefits after returning to civilian life. Two veterans, one who served in Vietnam and one who served in Iraq, discuss their experiences navigating life after returning home from war. 

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The Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 left parts of eight states and a chunk of Ontario — 55 million people — without power. As it turned out, the blackout was triggered by a tree touching a high-voltage power line in Ohio. But those who lost power for those several days remember how life ground to a halt.

Now, imagine a monster blackout caused by a cyber-attack.