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A federally funded program providing rental assistance to Michiganders is focusing on getting payments to people at the highest-risk of being evicted, first. A national eviction moratorium expires next week. If it’s not extended, a backlog of stalled eviction cases could proceed.

“The worst case scenario is that [the national eviction moratorium] does end and there could be many orders of eviction happening in early April,” said Kelly Rose, chief housing solutions officer at the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

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Starting this week, Michiganders can get emergency COVID-19 rental and utility assistance through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

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Michigan is set to receive $622,794,676 from the federal government for emergency rent and utility payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The House Appropriations Committee doesn't want to give the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority that money all at once: it wants to distribute it in installments.

The proposed plan would allocate $165,226,700 to MSHDA immediately, and the rest would be distributed over the course of the year. House Appropriations Chair Thomas Albert (R-Lowell) says this is "simply to ensure accountability and transparency in the process."