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Fred Freeman


Temujin Kensu has been in prison for nearly 35 years, after being convicted of a murder that took place in Port Huron, even though multiple witnesses placed him in Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula at the time.

Kensu's appeals have all failed, largely on technical grounds.  

The 57 year old Kensu, who changed his name from Fred Freeman after his conversion to Buddism in prison, has battled chronic health conditions for years, including an auto-immune disorder, according to his attorney. 

(Michigan Department of Corrections)

The Michigan Innocence Clinic has filed a motion asking the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its recent decision to deny an appeals hearing for Fred Freeman.

Michigan Innocence Clinic attorney Imran Syed says the Michigan man was wrongfully convicted of murder 32 years ago.

Project Innocence

Three Michigan men who say they were wrongfully convicted hope Gov. Rick Snyder will pardon them before he leaves office.

The University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic has submitted executive clemency requests for Donyelle Woods, Frederick Freeman, and Mark Craighead.

Fred Freeman
Project Innocence

Fred Freeman was 25 when a jury found him guilty of gunning down 20-year-old Scott Macklem in a Port Huron parking lot in 1986.   

He never saw the verdict coming, figuring the unfairness of the trial would be so obvious to the jury it would come back with "not guilty," along with a tongue-lashing for the prosecution. 

As soon as Freeman got over the shock of his conviction, he began filing appeals, first in state courts and then in federal courts.

Michigan Department of Corrections

Attorneys for Fredrick Freeman hope he will soon be a free man, after serving 31 years for a murder they say he did not commit.

David Sanders of Proving Innocence says Freeman was convicted because of the incompetence of his defense attorney, and because of prosecutorial misconduct.

Sanders says there was no physical evidence tying Freeman to the 1986 murder, and he had multiple alibi witnesses, including one who testified she was with him at the exact time of the murder.