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Futures for Frontliners

Courtesey of Muskegon Community College

The application deadline for the state's Futures for Frontliners program is December 31, 2020. 

According to state officials, 100,000 essential workers have applied since the program was kicked off in early September. But officials hope even more will apply before the upcoming deadline.

The program offers free tuition towards an associate degree or industry-recognized certificate at community college. It also provides tuition to complete the requirements for a high school diploma.

A Grand Rapids Community College Sign on a street corner.
Lindsey Smith / Michigan Radio

When Governor Gretchen Whitmer unveiled the Futures for Frontliners scholarship program in September, she said it was the state government’s show of gratitude for the work essential workers did during the coronavirus lockdown throughout the spring and summer.

The scholarship program provides a tuition-free pathway for essential workers to attend their local community college, or finish high school, tuition free. According to the state department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, more than 85 ,000 Michiganders have applied for the scholarship since September.