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Jack Bergman

Jack Bergman
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Jack Bergman is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan's 1st District as the Republican candidate.

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As part of our election coverage, we asked all the major-party candidates running for Congress the same questions.

4 Questions for Jack Bergman

1) What is the most important issue facing your district?

There are three with equal importance:

Economy: Everyone in Michigan knows that freedom—not government handouts to cronies—leads to prosperity. I will fight for fair taxes and reduced regulations that help all Americans rather than allow special interests to pick winner and losers in our economy. We should encourage hard work, not regulate and tax it.

Veterans: We currently have the fewest veterans serving in Congress since World War II, and it’s not surprising that we’ve seen the Veterans Administration deteriorate as a result. We need a VA that helps those who have defended our country and our values. As a veteran, I know the problems at the VA and will give my all to implement effective reform.  

Balance the Budget: Both parties have increased the debt while leaving our children and grandchildren with the bill. Enough is enough. We need a balanced budget amendment. I will fight for fiscal responsibility.

2) How do you plan to address it?

Economy: I will fight for fair taxes and reduced regulations that help all Americans succeed. We need to promote an economy where hard work is rewarded and everyone has a chance to make the most out of their lives.

Balance Budget: I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment and push for zero-based budgeting. Today, rather than starting at zero and reviewing how much money the government is bringing in before allocating expenses, Congress assumes every government program needs more money without examining its effectiveness or efficiency. That’s now how the real world works, and must change.

Veterans: As a former Lt. General in Marine Corps, I understand the importance of taking care of those who fought for our freedoms. After I win I will ask to be on the Veterans Committee so that I can steer VA reforms and give better oversight.

3) What book or movie have you seen/read recently that you would recommend

I have been reading two authors lately, Dr. Leonard Sax regarding early childhood development and Ken Stern, former CEO of NPR, discussing charitable giving and how it can help our communities. Both authors discuss how we can build a better future for our kids and grandkids.

4) If you don't win the election, what will you do?

I have spent my entire adult life helping my community and serving my country. If I’m not victorious on November 8th, I trust that God will steer me towards to a different way to continue doing so.

damaged road and car
Vicky Ingram

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration has given western Upper Peninsula counties a grant to rebuild flood-damaged roads.

This map shows areas of concern in the Oscoda area.  PFAs has been slowly spreading for the former U.S. Air Force base for decades.
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Several Michigan members of Congress are sending a letter to the Trump administration requesting stronger safeguards for dangerous chemicals in drinking water.

A recent Harvard study found six million Americans are drinking water contaminated with a group of chemicals,  per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, better known as PFAS.

The chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of liver damage and pregnancy problems, among other health issues.

Suzannah Tobin

The climate solutions caucus in the U.S. House is a group of more than 60 Democrats and Republicans who want to address climate change. Representative Fred Upton from St. Joseph just joined the caucus.

Last fall, Representative Jack Bergman, R-MI 1st District, announced he was joining the caucus. He represents northern Michigan.

A group of Traverse City high schoolers were the unlikely lobbyists who helped convince Bergman to join the caucus.

police officer holding gun

A shooting occurred around 7 a.m. in Alexandria, Virginia at a baseball practice for Congressional Republicans. Three members of Michigan's Congressional delegation were at that practice: John Moolenaar, Jack Bergman and Mike Bishop. None of them were injured.

A former Michigan House staffer was among those shot, although the injuries are reportedly not considered life threatening.

Delta County Airport near Escanaba is one of the nine rural airports in Michigan that are subsidized by the Essential Air Service.
redlegsfan21 / Flickr - http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

President Donald Trump's proposed budget would eliminate funding for something called the Essential Air Service program.

The EAS began in 1978 to make sure small, remote communities had access to air travel. The federal subsidies help keep them open. 

steve carmody / Michigan Radio

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - Authorities in Traverse City are reminding residents that their new congressman is a public figure but his staff uses space in a private building.

Large groups apparently have been eager to see U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman or his staff in northern Michigan, which could be discouraging others who want access to other businesses.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle  says Bergman's landlord asked sheriff's deputies to address the problem. Lt. Chris Barsheff says 50 to 100 people can't show up and "create issues."

Lessenberry talks races to watch this Election Day

Nov 2, 2016
Jack Lessenberry
Michigan Radio

Election Day is less than a week away, and one of the most competitive races in the nation is right here in Michigan.

For our segment This Week in Michigan Politics, Jack Lessenberry and Doug Tribou talk about Democrat Gretchen Driskell's bid to win the state's 7th Congressional District over incumbent Republican Tim Walberg.

They also talk about the race in the 1st Congressional District that could be important on a national level and whether third-party candidates stand a chance in Michigan.

Jack Bergman
Screen grab of "Your Choice - Lt. General Jack Bergman (Ret.) for Congress" / Jack Bergman

The most hotly contested congressional race in Michigan is widely viewed as happening in the First Congressional District. It covers the entire Upper Peninsula and a good-sized chunk of the northern Lower Peninsula.

Earlier this month on Stateside, Zoe Clark spoke with the Democratic contender, Lon Johnson. Today, we spoke with Republican candidate, retired Marine Lt. General Jack Bergman.


Taking up more than 25,000 square miles, Michigan's 1st Congressional District is the biggest in the state. It makes up the entire Upper Peninsula and much of the upper part of the Lower Peninsula. It represents almost half of the state's total land area, but only represents roughly 700,000 people. 

The congressional race in Michigan's 1st has become a tight one as former Democratic Chairperson Lon Johnson is running against retired three-star U.S. Marine general Jack Bergman. Michigan Radio's Jack Lessenberry called it Michigan's hottest Congressional race.

Johnson brings a wealth of connections from his days as the party's chair, but will face an uphill climb in a district that historically leans Republican. 

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s sagging poll numbers in Michigan may be behind a surprising rise in TV ad buys in one state congressional race.

Map of Michigan's 1st congressional district.
Map USDOI shape file by user 7partparadigm / Wikimedia Commons

Most Michigan congressional districts are drawn to favor one party over another.

Michigan’s 1st Congressional District is huge - almost 25,000 square miles - and it is where, with the pending retirement of Republican Congressman Dan Benishek, former Marine Corps General Jack Bergman – a Republican – is facing former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson.