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picture of 1A from NPR host Joshua Johnson


Joshua Johnson, host of 1A from NPR, has been broadcasting this week from Michigan Radio, and heading out into communities around Southeast Michigan to hear what's on the minds of voters.

Johnson joins Stateside to tell us more about the show's project 1A Across America, what he's heard from Michigan voters, and the intimate role that social media plays in today's politics.

Joshua Johnson
Stephen Voss / NPR


After a 37-year run, Diane Rehm is retiring.

She’d served notice to her legions of loyal listeners that she would see out the election and then step away from The Diane Rehm Show.

Much as Garrison Keillor hand-picked his successor Chris Theil for A Prairie Home Companion, Rehm personally selected her own: radio journalist Joshua Johnson.

Johnson sat down with us today to talk about how he plans to follow in Rehm’s shoes and what he plans to do with his new show, 1A.