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Lansing’s Catholic bishop has responded to an internal review into complaints the diocese’s schools were racially insensitive.

The diocese was criticized after several African-American Lansing Catholic High School football players were benched after kneeling during the national anthem in 2017.

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Catholic Diocese of Lansing

The Diocese of Lansing has announced plans to review its handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by Catholic clerics.

Bishop of Lansing Earl Boyea shared his plans on the website of the Lansing Diocese earlier this week.

In his statement, Bishop Boyea said the review will be conducted by an outside agency of lay professionals.

He said their report will be made public and will list the names of clerics who sexually abused minors in the Lansing Diocese.

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This past week, Lansing’s Catholic bishop introduced a special panel that will examine issues of race in the diocese.  

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A group of parents and people supporting students at Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing are continuing to protest a school rule that students must stand for the national anthem. They’re encouraging people to “divest” by ceasing to volunteer, donate or raise money for the diocese. Four Lansing Catholic High School football players sparked the controversy in the fall of 2016 when they began kneeling during the national anthem at football games.

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Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea is calling on Catholics in the mid-Michigan diocese to help the poor. Specifically, he wants them to focus on poor people living in Flint. 

Flint is part of the 10-county diocese. But Boyea feels too many Catholics ignore Flint and its needs.

Decades of economic decline and population flight has left Flint with a poverty rate well above the state average.