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Back of a school bus

Traverse City Public Schools lost its appeal to the Michigan Department of Education over a more than $700,000 student counting dispute.

In the summer of 2018, the MDE audited the school district. It found problems with its virtual program, Northern Michigan Partnership. State officials say only home-schooled students used the program.

The MDE said the virtual program wasn't accessible to full-time students in the district.

Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

This week, the Michigan Board of Education is scheduled to consider new social studies curriculum standards. 

The path these revised social studies standards have taken could be a civics lesson in itself.

Back in 2018, educators and liberal groups rallied against a proposal drafted with strong input from conservative groups. The proposal called for dropping references to “gay rights,”  "Roe vs Wade” and "climate change.” It also called for replacing the phrase “democratic values” with “core values.”

Under pressure, the Michigan Department of Education pulled the proposal.