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The COVID-19 pandemic could have an effect on local government operations for years to come. That’s the prediction from an online forum on city, township, and county governments held by the Lansing Economic Club.

Representatives of local government associations agreed that the economic downturn caused by the pandemic would not hit local governments this year, but would in following years.

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Today on Stateside, how have communities across Michigan fared in the nearly 10 years since the official end of the Great Recession? Plus, a conversation with a chef from Detroit who’s elevating the art of cannabis edibles beyond the usual pot brownie. 

A chart showing statuatory state shared revenue payments to the city of Ann Arbor declining over time.
City of Ann Arbor / City of Ann Arbor

An Ann Arbor city councilmember says the city’s expenses could outpace its revenue as soon as in the next two budget cycles. So the city council is considering a city income tax.

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Eight years into Michigan's economic recovery, the fiscal outlook is still unnerving for municipalities seen as ill-equipped to withstand the next recession.

  Despite continued job growth and record auto sales, the state's per-capita personal income lags the national average after a long-lasting downturn. Taxable values of property are below peak levels in 85% of municipalities. And their state aid is down 20% from 15 years ago.