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paid sick time

The Michigan State Capitol
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Tuesday was a busy day for legislators in Lansing.

Lawmakers are pushing through bills at a breathtaking pace before the new Legislature, and Democratic leaders, take office in January. Protesters were also at the Capitol most of the day – they’re frustrated with controversial bills moving quickly through the Legislature.

Tracy Samilton / Michigan Radio

Advocates for workers say state legislators are planning to weaken or gut new laws during the lame duck session that give people the right to paid sick time and an increase in the minimum wage.

The laws were passed in September in order to keep voter referendums off the November ballot.  

Gilda Jacobs is with the Michigan League for Public Policy.

She says the Legislature is using lame duck to go against the will of the people.

Lame duck is a term for the period between the end of one legislative session and the next.