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racial disparity

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Michigan State University will conduct a study into how to communicate the need for antibody tests for COVID-19 in communities that are often mistrustful of government health campaigns, and with good reason.

Washtenaw County Courthouse
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After a months-long investigation into Washtenaw County court records, a citizen-led group has released hard data on racial disparities in how people are charged with crimes. The report found that in one of Michigan’s most populous, and progressive, counties, Black people are charged with felonies at rates between two and 29 times higher than white people charged with the same crimes.

Senator Debbie Stabenow says we need to address the structural inequalities that have led to racial disparities in COVID-19 cases and deaths

The Democratic senator from Michigan is the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Chairwoman. The committee published a report that looks at the long standing social inequities between communities of color and white communities and how that shaped the current COVID-19 crisis. 

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COVID-19 doesn't discriminate by race, and yet black people in the U.S are dying at an alarmingly higher rate than others.

Things are no different here in Michigan, where black people make up less than 14% of the population, but account for 40% of the state’s COVID-19 deaths so far. 

garlin gilchrist
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Black people make up more than 40% of all COVID-19 related deaths in Michigan, but black people are only about 12% of the state’s population.

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist is starting a task force to address and deal with the racial disparities in Michigan

Workers set up a field hospital at the TCF Center in Detroit.
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Today on Stateside, Michigan’s healthcare system is facing major staffing challenges, as exhausted, under-equipped nurses consider their options. Plus, we take a deeper look at the longstanding health inequities fueling the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on African Americans. 

Paulette Parker / Michigan Radio

Black people make up over a third of all COVID-19 cases in Michigan, according to data the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released Saturday. And while black people make up only about 12% of the Michigan’s population, they make up about 40% of all COVID-19 deaths reported.

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A new University of Michigan study finds African-American boys are three times as likely as whites to be suspended or expelled from school before the fourth grade.

The study suggests a lack of alternatives to suspending or expulsion may be a reason.