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Larry Nassar at Eaton County sentencing
Emma Winowiecki / Michigan Radio

Serial sexual predator Larry Nassar is asking the Michigan Supreme Court for permission to be re-sentenced by a different judge.

Nassar’s attorneys claim the judge in the state case – Ingham County’s Rosemarie Aquilina – was biased against Nassar.

JODI WESTRICK / Michigan Radio

Lawyers of Larry Nassar are asking for a resentencing hearing for their client, and a new judge to preside over it.

Nassar is the former Michigan State University doctor who, for decades, sexually abused the girls and young women he was supposed to be treating.

Larry Nassar Sentencing Trial
Emma Winowiecki / Michigan Radio

Imprisoned former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar is appealing his sentence for sexually assaulting seven former female patients, and wants the judge who sentenced him disqualified from the case.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormack.
Bridget Mary McCormack for Justice

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormack said Thursday that judges should drop rhetoric that "would validly call into question judicial impartiality," The Associated Press reported.

She says it's important these days, especially "when our norms of public discourse appear under stress.”

According to AP, McCormack was referring to a Jackson County case involving a man who broke into the home of a police officer and trashed it, even breaking a 100-gallon aquarium.

On this Monday, July 22, four days after Detroit made history by filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, we spent the first half of the show breaking things down and figuring out where things stand in the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy ever.

And, we looked at what needs to be done to preserve and protect Michigan's rivers and lakes.

But, back to Detroit and what we know right now. A judge in Lansing will take a week to sort through arguments on whether the state Constitution protects Detroit’s pension funds from losses if the city goes bankrupt.

Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemary Aquilina says she will decide next Monday whether Detroit's bankruptcy filing violates the state Constitution, and its protections for pension benefits.

Assuming the Chapter 9 bankruptcy goes forward, Detroit will have to figure out how to reduce billions of dollars of debt. Creditors, of course, will push for the most money they can get, which means they're eyeing some of the city's most valuable and treasured assets.

The governor’s office is expected to file an appeal with the Court of Appeals as early as today concerning a judge’s ruling that ousted Flint’s emergency manager.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina also ordered the reinstatement of Flint’s mayor and city council.

The judge found the financial review panel that recommended the emergency manager’s appointment in Flint violated Michigan’s open meetings law.