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Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

The COVID Relief Package passed by Congress includes an extension in a tax credit for solar power. That credit was supposed to be reduced at the first of the year.

“The investment tax credit was slated to go from 26% to 22% as of January 1st, 2021. So, this will keep it at 26%. So, that four percent additional amount of reduction of the cost will in fact help to put more people back to work which will help everybody in Michigan,” said John Freeman, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.

Consumers Energy

A newly introduced bill in the state House would allow people to buy shares in a solar array. The concept is called community solar. The bill was introduced by Representative Michele Hoitenga (R-Manton).

Each subscriber would pay a portion of the cost of constructing the solar array, and they would get a credit on their electric bill for the electricity produced.

Ed Rivet is with the Michigan Conservative Energy Forum. 

He says under the bill, 10 or more people or groups could support clean energy even if they can't install their own rooftop solar panels.

That could include renters and condo owners, businesses or places of worship.