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Larry Nassar at Eaton County sentencing
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Deleted emails. Documents removed in boxes and a suitcase. Lying to investigators. An FBI investigation into Larry Nassar that stalled for seven months.

Those are just a few of the stunning details released Monday in a 233-page investigation commissioned by the U.S. Olympic Committee. Investigators interviewed some 100 people and reviewed more than a million documents, and their findings are damning. One USOC official was fired Monday as a result of the report.

Leonard Slatkin (left) is Music Director of the Detroit Symphony, and conductor Chelsea Gallo (right) is pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan.
Sarah Leeson

When you bring two people from opposite ends of the same career path together, chances are they’ll have plenty to talk about.

Stateside's ongoing Work in Progress series aims to do just that by featuring conversations between someone just starting out in a particular field and someone who is reaching the end of their professional career. 

Leonard Slatkin is Music Director Laureate of the Detroit Symphony, and conductor Chelsea Gallo is pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan. 


Michigan’s outgoing governor is trying to convince his counterpart in Illinois to support a project aimed at keeping asian carp out of Lake Michigan.

Asian carp are seen as a threat to the Great Lakes fishing industry. The invasive fish has moved up from the Deep South along the Mississippi River basin, reaching a point several miles from Lake Michigan.

French fries

A Michigan-based bar and restaurant chain plans to change the name of its "Crack Fries" in January to distance itself from a name associated with a drug epidemic.

A post on HopCat's website by BarFly Ventures CEO Mark Gray says the recipe and ingredients of its seasoned fries will stay the same.

Water running from tap
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Residents in two West Michigan townships with PFAS contamination could end up paying to be connected to city water.

Officials from Plainfield and Algoma Townships say shoe manufacturer Wolverine Worldwide ended talks that included a plan to pay for the city water extension, but a representative from the company denies ending the talks.

Snyder's pipeline safety board holds its last meeting

20 hours ago
map of Line 5

The board assembled to advise Governor Rick Snyder on pipeline safety held its last public meeting Monday.

The group of environmental and government advisors was created to make recommendations to minimize risks on nearly 400 pipeline-water crossings in the state of Michigan. The board’s most important role was advising the governor on Enbridge Energy's Line 5, the controversial oil and gas pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac.

Elissa Slotkin
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Representative-elect Elissa Slotkin (D-Holly) says she and 45 other newly elected members of the U.S. Congress plan to push U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for big changes. 

satellite map of Michigan, the Great Lakes
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

A council of eight Great Lakes governors approved changes to the Great Lakes Compact last week. But mayors and environmental groups say that the updates don't go far enough to prevent water withdrawals from the Great Lakes basin.

Former Racine, Wisconsin Mayor John Dickert says his group asked to defer the changes until next year. That's when the council will flip from a Republican to a Democratic majority.

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The University of Michigan's updated sexual misconduct policy is expected to include a ban on faculty members having romantic or sexual relationships with undergraduate students. The policy also would prohibit faculty from having romantic or sexual relationships with any graduate or professional student in the same discipline or academic program as themselves.

Rick Fitzgerald is a spokesman for UM.

Looking up into the rotunda of the Michigan Capitol.
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Republicans in the state Legislature are trying to increase their power and limit the powers of statewide offices that – come January – will flip to Democrats. 

It's a strategy that's angered Democratic voters, and protestors have been flooding the state Capitol with chants like “We voted for blue, not for you.”


A 9-part podcast about a team of women who won justice in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history.