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Despite explanation for election night glitches, calls persist for Wayne County primary audit

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers heard what went wrong with the county’s election results website last Tuesday, as questions and concerns linger about problems with the Aug. 7 primary election.

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Another 50 Detroit families will own the homes they currently live in, thanks to a city program.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority’s occupied buy-back program allows some people living in land bank-owned homes to buy those homes for a $1,000 down payment and some additional savings toward future property taxes, after completing some required classes.

Ruby red theater curtains with lights
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It’s time for another edition of Theater Talk with David Kiley, editor-in-chief of Encore MichiganKiley joined Stateside to preview and review plays opening around Michigan this month.

Kiley says the end of summer always seems to go too fast. Soon kids will be heading back to school, and families will be packing away their beach chairs.

"But the rest of August as far as theater goes is really strong and interesting for both adults and the kids," said Kiley. 

The DEQ PFAS Investigation Map near Rockford, MI
From Google map provided by Wolverine Worldwide

Rates of cancer in Kent County where industrial chemicals have been found in the groundwater are not higher than they are in other parts of the state. That's according to a report state and county officials released on Tuesday.

Public health officials did find higher rates of prostate cancer than expected in northern Kent County. But cases of prostate cancer actually declined during the 15-year period studied.

PFAS is group of chemicals that were used to waterproof leather goods at shoe manufacturer Wolverine Worldwide in Kent County for decades.

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As you watch fireflies flit around your backyard at night, do you ever wonder, "How does that firefly do it? What makes him glow?" 

Chemistry professor A. Paul Schaap asked himself this very question while working in his lab at Wayne State University where he was searching for the molecule at the heart of "bioluminescence."

In July 1986, he finally found the answer. That realization allowed him to build a company, and to eventually become one of Michigan's honored philanthropists.

Professor Schaap joined Stateside to talk about how he discovered the roots of bioluminescene. 

Kyle and Bryce at a library
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Taking that first step down a career path can be daunting. It's like stepping into a world completely unknown. On the flip side, if you’ve been walking that road a long time, chances are you’ve learned a thing or two. 

Kyle Peplinski is a 29-year-old first-year millwright apprentice. Bryce Cobb is a 32-year veteran millwright from Local 1102. 

They sat down for Stateside's Work in Progress series about what it's like to be at opposite ends of the same career path. 

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Tuesday morning, the Michigan Department of Corrections announced plans to close the Ojibway Correctional Facility in December.

The DOC decided to close another prison back in June. This is the second facility to close this year due to a falling prisoner populations in the state.

There are currently fewer than 800 prisoners at Ojibway, and they'll be moved into other prisons over the course of the next few months. 

grace french in front of white house
Courtesy of Grace French

Seven months ago, the world watched as dozens of survivors stood up in Michigan courtrooms to share their stories of abuse by the former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar.

One of those survivors, Amanda Thornashow, said to Nassar, “You didn’t realize you were building an army of survivors who see you for what you are: a sexual predator.”

This statement inspired another survivor, Grace French, to create the newly formed nonprofit called "The Army of Survivors."

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Many cultures use storytelling as a way to pass down their history and heritage.

Native American cultures are known for their rich oral traditions. So here's one to consider. 

Have you heard of the term counting coup?

Kara Holsopple

The global market for recycling has changed dramatically over the last year, and it’s already trickling down to what happens at the curb.

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A billionaire took his fight to impeach President Donald Trump to Lansing Monday. This time with a slightly new message.

Tom Steyer, a Democratic activist and hedge fund manager, launched his Need to Vote campaign – with 10 million dollars going toward the effort. The plan is from now until the general election in November, to get as many people to vote as possible. The goal is to elect enough people to national office across the US that are willing to impeach Trump that the president can be removed from office.


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