16 former Kent County Jail inmates file federal suit against Aramark over food poisoning

Apr 8, 2015

Credit Jack Amick / Creative Commons

A group of former inmates at the Kent County Jail is suing the sheriff in federal court.

The case also blames the food service company Aramark for what inmates called a “mass poisoning.”

The case stems from one meal served at the jail three years ago. About 250 inmates suffered diarrhea, cramps, and other ailments after eating some chicken tacos that went bad; 16 of those former inmates are suing the county and Aramark in federal court.

They say Aramark is at fault because it didn’t have adequate staff, training, or equipment to avoid the food poisoning. They say the incident amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and are demanding at least $75,000.

A handful of inmates originally filed the case in Kent County District Court in February, but it was moved to the federal court this week.