224 lame-duck bills going to Snyder

Dec 24, 2014

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is reviewing hundreds of bills approved by the Legislature in the waning days of the lame-duck session.

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Lawmakers sent the governor 224 bills since the November election.

  That's fewer than in 2012, but the governor will be kept busy deciding if he should veto any. Many won final passage last week.

  He's expected to sign a road funding plan that's contingent on voters approving a sales tax increase in a statewide election in May. Other bills expected to become law will force some major online stores such as Amazon to collect Michigan's sales tax and extend the length of a program used to entice moviemakers to the state.

  Snyder's also expected to OK a bill making school districts address cyberbullying.